A Lab-Developed Burger That Tastes Like Meat?

Fellow carnivores, there is now a lab-developed meat patty that claims to not only smell like real meat but also have the correct texture and taste. For the past 5 years, Impossible Foods has been working to develop this perfect meat substitute. How did they do it? Heme Protein. This stuff is evidently what makes meat taste like meat. By mixing just a little bit of plant-based heme protein (only 2% of the patty) with potatoes and wheat, then mixing in some vitamins and coconut oil, you get a beef-like patty without any actual beef. It is important to note that while it was in fact developed in a lab, this is not a lab-grown burger. Think of it as a veggie burger that doesn’t taste like garbage.

The burger was developed to promote environmentally friendly means of eating. A lot of work and resources go into turning that cow into your dinner!


In the video below, one of the founders states that:

-Eating 1/4 pounds of this burger over a traditional one saves roughly the same amount of greenhouse emissions as driving 18 miles in a car.

-Saves the amount of water you use during a 10-minute shower.

-Frees up about 75 sq-ft of land for other uses.


If you live in NYC you can actually try this burger for just $12. The Impossible Burger (actual name) is being served at Momofuku Nishi. A “New Asian” restaurant owned by chef David Chang.

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