Chicago Burger Review 2016

Mikkey’s Retro Grill – Joe’s Stuffed Double Cheesy Cheese Burger

Those of you who are lactose intolerant will definitely want to stay far away from this one. Everyone else, get yourselves over to Mikkey’s Retro Grill ASAP. I’ve had my eye on this place for a while now. The restaurant has been featured in local news stories and countless people have claimed it to be one of the best burger joints in Chicago. Being that it’s our business to find the best burgers, I had to check it out. The restaurant itself is a throwback to an old time diner. Red and white tables, stools along the counter, and even retro posters featuring their food items.

After staring at the menu for a while (there are a lot of great options) I decided to order Joe’s Stuffed Double Cheesy Cheese Burger. With a name like that, I had high expectations. After a short wait, it was time to eat. This thing was so big, and so filled with toppings, that I literally had to study it and create a plan of attack. The patty itself is made of hand-packed Angus beef and is double stuffed with cheese. On top of that, they add cilantro, grilled onions, honey BBQ, 4 layers of cheese, and I added an egg (+$1).

This thing is packed with flavor and each bite is better than the last. Did I mention you get all of this goodness for under $9? (fries and a drink cost extra). The burger definitely lives up to its name. I’ll stake mine (Chicago Burger Review) on it.

Other Notes:
Mikkey’s opens it’s doors at 11am most days, which is perfect for lunch. And don’t forget about them when you’re hungry late at night as they are open until 4am most days. According to some individual reviews online, it seems that their hours do change sometimes due to the Sabbath. You might want to call ahead to confirm they are open.

After digging around on their Facebook I found that the restaurant helps to feed, house, and hire the homeless, which is pretty awesome!

All in all, you should check out Mikkey’s Retro Grill in Hyde Park. Someone try the Nacho Cheese Burger and let us know how it is!

Address: 5319 South Hyde Park Blvd, Chicago 60615

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