Review Process

Wondering how we decide what to rate each burger?

Here’s the official breakdown:


Overall: A lot goes into the perfect burger eating experience. The overall area of our review encompasses everything from taste to environment. Was the music so loud that our taste buds couldn’t decide what they were tasting? Is there adequate space to sit and enjoy the burger? Most importantly, is beer available?

Presentation: How does the Burger look when it is placed on the table in front of us? Is the lettuce fresh or turning brown? Is the bun slightly off so we can admire the toppings before devouring them? Things like that.

Flavor: Pretty self-explanatory here. We judge the flavor of the beef itself. We love when restaurants, or even backyard barbeques, mix up their own recipes for the heart of the burger.

Cook Temp: How many times have you ordered your burger medium-rare and you end up biting into a piece of rubber instead? This score was added to create awareness of this crime and hopefully to put an end to it. This score being low will drastically lower the overall score, thus dropping said burger to the bottom of the list where it will not receive our endorsement.

Originality & Toppings: It seems like every burger spot is trying to outdo the creativity of the guy down the street. We love adding unique toppings to burgers, but it needs to be done right.

Affordability: One of the major factors that led to the creation of this movement was the want need to know where to spend our hard earned money and not be disappointed. We understand that everyone isn’t made of money so we focus hard on being accurate when judging the affordability of a burger. We take into account the cost of comparable burgers (much like your real-estate agent compares home values) along with the value the burger provides. However, some burgers are well worth the extra dough.