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Kuma’s Corner has a reputation in Chicago that most restaurants strive for. It’s known for burgers loaded with massive patties, unique toppings like mozzarella sticks, and metal. I’ve never had the opportunity to eat at the original locations, but recently I did make it into the newer Schaumburg one.

Wanting to get a baseline for Kuma’s, I decided to order the Kuma Burger. I’d be lying if I said the fried egg had nothing to do with my decision. I ordered this medium, like every burger I eat and have to say that they nailed it. The beef was full of flavor and was honestly one of the biggest I’ve seen yet. This burger has some real weight to it. The toppings were all very fresh. My only issue with this burger is the bun. Yes, it’s a pretzel bun and normally that is awesome, but in this case, it was too dry and overwhelmed the rest of the burger. This might have been a one visit thing… I’ll have to go back and try another sometime soon and get back to you. Regardless, the egg and flavorful beef made up for some of the dryness.

Environment: Kuma’s is known for its loud metal music. The new location keeps the tradition alive and is completely rock themed. The bar is constructed out of stage lighting racks and even has concert lighting above it. Be warned of the wait time! On my visit (a random Wednesday at 5pm) we didn’t wait at all to be seated. I have heard though that waits of over 45 minutes are common during busy hours.

The Bottom Line: Overall I think Kuma’s makes a great burger. My gut tells me this dry bun was a one-time thing. The price is $14 and includes a bunch of fries. Let me know what you think of Kuma’s in the comments below!

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Address: 1570 E Golf Rd. Schaumburg, IL
Website: KumasSchaumburg.com

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