Kuma’s Corner – Pantera Burger

The Pantera Burger is one of many on the menu at Kuma’s Corner. You could say that it is one of their “originals”. The burger itself is a giant. Imagine an all beef patty topped with bacon, shredded Monterey Jack Cheese, roasted Poblano, tortilla chips, and then drizzled in a homemade ranchero salsa. Sounds delicious ey? That’s the reason I needed to have it.

Let’s start with the beef, my favorite part of it all. HUGE. Loaded with tons of spices and very flavorful and juicy. Sadly, the toppings basically killed that flavor shortly after the first few bites. The toppings were very dry. The flavor didn’t stand out like I would’ve hoped. They were kind of just mashed together to create a bland flavor. The tortilla strips helped bring back some texture to the burger which I enjoyed. It set the burger apart from the norm.

Just like the beef patty, the pretzel bun was HUGE. Unfortunately, it’s mass took up too much of my taste buds time. The time that should’ve been tasting the amazing flavor from the beef! My last grief with the Pantera was the lack of sauce. I was too excited to try the homemade ranchero salsa but, left disappointed. I could barely taste any Salsa… Much, if not all, of it, was soaked up by the bun and other ingredients which led to blah taste overall.

I do recommend Kuma’s. The $15 price tag isn’t that hard to swallow with the size of the burger. I definitely saw some very interesting burgers that I’ll be trying on their menu in the near future. The atmosphere is great, especially if you’re into the hard rock/metal scene from the 80’s & 90’s. Overall it was a good experience. Just don’t expect grandma and grandpa to choose Kuma’s on a Sunday afternoon after church.

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Address: 1570 E Golf Rd. Schaumburg, IL
Website: KumasSchaumburg.com

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