Small Cheval – Cheeseburger

The menu at Small Cheval is, as the name implies, small. The burger spot is literally a simplified version of the well-known Au Cheval restaurant and only serves a version of their signature burger, fries, and shakes. It’s important to note that this burger is based on the one that The Food Network crowned the Best Burger in America.

During my visit I ordered the cheeseburger , fires, and a chocolate shake. Plan on spending between $10-$15 per meal. The line was minimal at 11:30 on a Sunday but is known to stretch around the building during peak hours. That being said we were able to easily find a spot to eat in the outdoor patio area. The burger is made up of layers of cheese and juicy beef. It is filled with flavor and definitely won’t disappoint. While it appears smaller than most other burgers on our list, it really leaves you feeling satisfied. The restaurant also serves a variety of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages which make this burger even more enjoyable. While the burger at Small Cheval isn’t exactly the same as the award winning one from Au Cheval it’s still damn good.

Side note: The outdoor patio is located almost immediately under the L tracks and can be quite noisy at times. The good news is that your group will be to focused on the amazing food to have any conversation.

Address: 1732 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

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