Caffe Oliva – Erie St. Burger

During the summer in Chicago, the place to be is on the lake. Enjoying the sandy beaches, boating, and swimming really works up your appetite. If you happen to be enjoying the sun at Ohio Street Beach when hunger strikes, all you have to do it turn around. Caffe Oliva is located right at the rear of the beach and is an amazing spot to grab some drinks and of course a burger.

What really stood out to me about Caffe Oliva was that all of their beef is “100% Grass Fed and sourced from the Lake Geneva area”. I selected the Erie St. Burger due to its BBQ sauce. This thing was dripping with jalapeno cheddar and stacked with bacon. Need I say more? Didn’t think so. The beef was slightly red with a hint of salt and a ton of juicy flavor. The price was a little steep at $14, but for Grass Fed, it was well worth it. And yes you really can taste the difference. Overall, this burger ranks with the best.

If you’re driving, the restaurant has a deal worked out with the W Lakeshore Hotel. It’s located just across the street. Just park with the valet and bring your ticket to Caffe Oliva to be validated. It costs $12 for 5 hours.

Also, note that this restaurant is open seasonally. It might be a good idea to check their website before visiting just to make sure they are open.

Address: 550 E Grand Ave, Chicago 60611

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